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or Chinese Hot Pot

In the Chinese tradition, the name Hogo (or Chinese Hot Pot) implies at the same time the name of the dish, the method of its preparation and the tradition of its use. The name “Hogo” comes from two words – 火 (fire) and 锅 (pot). A boiler with constantly boiling broth is placed in the middle of the table for cooking. The participants of the meal add there different products, use them as they are prepared. The time for the Chinese Hot Pot passes unnoticed, the food is always hot, there is time for unhurried conversations that are so loved in China.

The Hogo traditions are known in all provinces of China, as well as in Japan, where this cooking method is called shabu-shabu. There is a huge amount of recipes. In Hogo they cook meat, fish, seafood, rice and noodles, tofu and mushrooms.

In modern restaurants most often use dishes (boiler) with several compartments. In each of them – different types of broth. There are spicy and tender, spicy and sweet. Around the constantly boiling pot are dishes with prepared products. Meat or fish is most often served in the form of slices or balls, vegetables are cut into strips. Participants in the “Chinese Hot Pot” choose food to taste, independently lower the products on special vanes into broth for 2-3 minutes. After that, the finished food is sent to the plate and complemented by numerous sauces.

For Hogo you can spend more than one hour, while the food will always be hot and fresh. This is a great pastime for a big fun company, when the cooking process itself becomes fun. People like to sit at Hogo and people are respectable, because after a leisurely meal, any conversation is easy and pleasant.

In our restaurant you can enjoy all the magnificence of the Chinese Hot Pot in the halls of Hogo. You are waiting for products and recipes from different provinces of China, as well as the opportunity to create your own unique combinations and enjoy unusual flavors. Try yourself in the role of a real gourmet of Chinese cuisine!